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Friday, July 30, 2010

My pregnancy quirks

Since I was new to this whole thing I had some trial and error, I had a lot of unknowns, and I have had some ups and downs. A lot of pregnancy I have found is about being comfortable, comfortable with your (ever changing) body, comfortable in your relationships, and just comfortable in general, especially towards the end when everything you do seems to be the opposite!

I wanted to post somethings that I have found that makes things a little easier on me, because I would like to do this again....some day so I thought it would be good to look back on.

- Fro Yo... Frozen Yogurt, when you are eating ice cream every night you've gotta make the switch at some point. These blue bunny personals are great because who ever feels like scooping! (white chocolate raspberry)

- Soda- Sometimes there is nothing quite like a cold sprite, dr. pepper, or the amazing caffeine free root beer

- Dinner- nothing sounds good. ever. But don't fight about it, don't pout about it, just let Luke eat whatever he wants and eat some cereal, veggies and dip, or grilled cheese.

- Healthy Options- You always want to be so healthy but sometimes it is hard, keep V8 on hand and have a glass with a meal that doesn't include veggies

- Individuals- The individual servings for V8 and OJ (with calcium) are great, and a fun afternoon treat at work.

- Indugle for lunch- not all the time, but pizza hut personal pan pizza and breadsticks, umm yes please!

- Tea- when trying to limit the caffine in the morning, a big glass of oj is good, or flavored tea (rasberry)

- Vodka Tonics- Perrier water or any sparkling water with a lemon or lime wedge, preferrably from a wine glass with crushed ice.

- Bud Light- O'douls Amber

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