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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My brother the soccer player

Lately little William has been showing off his muscles (kicking the crap out of mama) But it is so much fun! He pokes way out at times and Luke can really feel him all over. I love to sit there with my shirt pulled up and just watch my belly move! We can usually tell if it is just a foot or hand or if it is something long like a leg or arm!
I cant get over how crazy this is, he is just a little human living inside of me, hanging out, and growing strong. I hope he is taking notes in there and knows everything about the box business so mama can retire someday!
Last night Boomer wanted to get in on the action, he was laying on me and snuggling and had his hand (paw) here for a long time.... Pure Brotherly love!


  1. That is so cute with Boomer!!

  2. You should frame that and put it in William's room! Adorable!


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