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Friday, July 2, 2010

First comes baby then comes....


I feel like Luke and I have got hit with so many darn expenses lately, so many things out of the ordinary that are making our normal monthly expenses out of control! Our to-do list is growing at a rapid rate as well, which is hard because I need Luke to do lots of the things on there and with him working longer hours it really only leaves the already packed weekends. I am trying to space things out as much as I can but there are quite a few that I want to get done before the lil mr arrives!

I made a list of some of them to try and see what to do during what month:

-Replace and fix the outside door in the basement
-Trim on house painted
-Purchase Glider and a nightstand or bookcase for next to it
-Buy a new camera, -OK this isn't necessarily do or die, but we really want a new good one before the baby arrives so that all those precious first pictures are perfect, I think we have the one we want picked out just need to order!
-Utilities for rental property - they are over 300 this month alone!
-Build shelves in baby's closet and figure out closet door situation -thinking of doing curtains and taking the doors down, opinions?
- figure out/pay for trip in December or January, this is for a wedding.
- Pay yearly subdivision dues, I did this but they have not cashed check yet.
- clean carpets or get them cleaned
- Thank you gift for shower hostess's
- Research birth annoucements and make list of addresses
- Baby: Do baby laundry, buy some clothes for me for after birth, make some frozen meals.
And more!!!

Luke is kicking it into full gear at work which means lots of hours and a tired hubby! I have been trying to do lots around the house and things like that to make life as easy as possible, there are just some things I cant do, and he wouldn't want me to! It will all get done but isn't life so much better when you have a list and you can checkity check things off! :)

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  1. Look at you miss organized!! I need to finish our list like this! If you are talking about curtains on the closet, I say go for it if you want. We did it & love it! The only thing I am thinking may be an issue is when she starts moving around! She will get into everything!


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