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Friday, July 23, 2010

Dentist Updates

Thank you for all your sweet comments and encouragement, so nice to know I am not the only one that thought that place/doctor was whacko!

Yesterday I got to talk to my dentist and another dentist at the practice on the phone for a while, they assured me I need a second opinion and looked at my xrays from January and have no idea how I could of developed such things in six months! I was relieved to hear this and decided to make an appointment with them to go over everything, they got me in Wednesday after work and my OB appt (another thing I love about them, very flexible!) I also think it is very nice they called me back at work and talked to me for a while. It is probably inevitable that I will need my wisdom teeth out eventually but my sister had all four out and said it wasn't too bad, which is good because I think that bone growth is hereditary. When Luke had his out it was BAD! I just want to wait till William is a little older so I don't have to be on pain meds while feeding and things like that.

A few people have asked me who it was etc.
Dentist AKA used car salesman I used out by our house HERE

Dentist out by my moms that I have went to for a long time HERE


  1. Glad your dentist agreed with us all and not the cray guy! Good luck at your appt! i had my wisdom teeth out & yes it hurt but the drugs helped ;O)

  2. Nick had all his wisdom teeth pulled on a Tuesday afternoon and went to work the next day. You'll do great.

    Glad you can get a second opinion! Keep us posted! :)


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