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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ultrasound 26 1/2 weeks

My little sweet son's face
Waving, or high five!

The white fuzzy part on his scalp is hair!

two little perfect feet

nose lip and chin, can you find them? they are just to the left of where she typed the words

I went in to a perinatal center this morning for an in depth ultrasound to see what is causing me all this pain and discomfort. I wish I could go there for every doctor visit, the chair you sit in is like a recliner, and the ultrasound screen is up on a flat screen on the wall so you can just sit back relax and watch your baby! The ultrasound was awesome, she spent about 40 minutes with me and William checking EVERYTHING out and explaining everything to me, right as she was doing it all there was a special doctor over at the hospital looking at everything on his computer as well. The bad thing is there is absolutely nothing that they can see or find that is causing this, the good thing is William looks perfect! He is right on schedule head is down and he is in fetal position, this could still change but looks good for now, he is 2 1/4 pounds, good amounts of fluid etc surrounding. All in all it was great seeing him again and I am very happy he is doing well. I am going to try taking the pepcid religiously and writing down what I am eating to see if there are any patterns that could be causing anything, last night the pain got so bad I thought I was going to vomit so hopefully I can figure this out or find a way to deal with it soon.
Love you Will good seeing you this morning, wish I could start everyday like this, soon enough.


  1. The perinatal center is the best! That's where all my ultrasounds were because of me being high risk. I love it there!

    Sorry you are in pain, but that's great Will looks great!! :)

  2. Well I guess its good everything is okay and you had such a great experience there! Hope you're having a fab weekend!

  3. Boys are AWESOME and you will love your little man!


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