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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Between an ever growing belly and an every minute event filled summer it doesn't leave much time to get other things done or stress out about them. But that doesn't mean they are not constantly in the back of our mind! For over two years Luke and I have been paying two mortgages, most people our age I know don't even pay one. (deep breaths) If it is not one thing its another, either a letter from the city with things wrong with the place we need to fix, trying to find renters and doing background checks and going to meet them there only to not have them show up, or the letter we got yesterday that there is illegal activity there and we will be fined or go to jail, yes I got a letter that my husband could go to jail. He wont but still....Lovely. We both work (our butts off) I have worked and saved money since I have been 15 years old, we both went to college, we both are great to our family and friends and do what we can for everyone we know, and this is what we get to deal with day in and day out.... also doesn't leave much time for things that are wrong at our own house, much less time for us to do anything fun with each other, now I am dreaming I know, I know.
It makes me laugh when I ask people what they did over the weekend and they say they were so busy, they went swimming, they had a game to attend, or they went to a party, If they only knew the true meaning of the word busy, the alarm going off at 5 am on a Saturday or Sunday so your husband can get to the city to do something before you have a full day of obligations ahead of you.
Luke is up in the middle of the night most nights worried about this, stressing out, and wondering what is going to go wrong next. People always ask him why he is so skinny and what he does to stay like that. Luke has been trying to gain weight for the past few years, he hates the way he looks. He is just so stressed out, it kills me to see him like this, however somehow, somehow we have to get our life back, if not for us for the little life that we are making. We literally could of had a couple years of college paid for with all the money we have lost so far.
I know I should go to the doctor, but I also already know what they will say, to relax and take it easy... I am putting so much stress on this pregnancy, between fighting, crying, and just plain being stressed out I KNOW it is bad for the baby, but what am I supposed to do?!?
We are literally doing everything we can (and have been) to get this under control, but it seems like nothing works, we need a miracle! We have asked family and friends to help, we have tried to network to everyone we know, but if you are reading this and know anyone that may be able to help us, please please please let me know.
We are even willing to take out another loan and take a loss on it, I would prefer not to take a huge loss since we have already lost so much, but we don't know what else to do.


  1. I wish there was something we could do to help! Y'all certainly do not need any added stresses in your life. Growing a baby is a huge task momma!!! Thinking and praying for you, LOVE!!!

  2. Wish I could offer some advice or help. :( Believe me, I know where you're coming from. Stay strong!

  3. Are you trying to sell the place? Can you or is it not up to code? My recommendation is to sell it, and elimate all that stress from your life!! also, the good thing is one baby is here, you will realize that he is most important and everything else probably won't matter as much anymore!

  4. I hope everything works out! That is so tough! I'm thinking of you!


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