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Monday, June 7, 2010

Updated to-do's!

Remember when I started checking off of the to-do list from here:
Month 4
- Find out what's in store for you in the second trimester. Done and unfortunately only 4 weeks of this honeymoon trimester to go!
- Revise your budget to make room for baby. I think this will be easier to do when baby is actually here and we know how much more we are spending!
- Start shopping for maternity clothes. Loving the summer dresses and loving being pregnant in the summer such great wardrobe options!
-Sign up now for childbirth classes—slots fill up fast! We start class next month!
-Want to get away? Plan a babymoon! We were not going to do this at first but with the crazy summer we decided to get ONE weekend away just us two, and the last weekend away just us two before baby! We go to the lake for a long weekend in 2 weeks
-Take baby's first picture—the ultrasound! LOVE these pictures!
-Find a sleep set up that's comfortable and interpret wild pregnancy dreams. On my sides with lots of pillows around is most comfortable
-Take pictures of your growing belly. Done, seems to get bigger by the day!
- Help him be a better dad—look into parenting classes for him. He will go to the ones with me, he will be a great daddy!
Month 5
- Time to tell your employer and update yourself on your company's maternity leave policy. Still don't technically know the plan for my maternity leave.
- Figure out how much childcare you'll need, and start researching your options. We are starting to meet with some sitters and figure out a plan.
- Decide whether you want to find out your baby's gender now or let it be a surprise. Beautiful BOY!
- If you haven't had one lately, schedule a regular dental checkup. Scheduled for August, trying to get all these appointments in before baby!
- Treat pregnancy heartburn whenever it flares up. I have never had heartburn so I don't know what it feels like but I don't think I have felt anything yet.
- Is baby moving? Know what to expect from baby's first kicks! Baby boy moves all the time!
- Try prenatal yoga for a mind-body workout. I try to make it to the Saturday morning prenatal yoga class when I can.
- Have a heart-to-heart about pregnancy and parenthood with your partner. We talk about lots of things, usually on date night, our one night of the week to set aside for us two.
- Prepare for your group B strep test. Don't know what this is, I guess the dr will tell me ?!
- Tired of nosy questions from strangers and friends? Master the art of the clever comeback! Ohhh I need to do this, the questions are never ending!
- Take steps to minimize pregnancy brain. If I do this I will forget the steps I took! ha!
- Have a shower coming up? Register for Baby! DONE!
Month 6
- Check your vision. Pregnancy vision changes are common, and can be a sign of complications. My vision is not good, luckily it didn't get too much worse during pregnancy.
- Know how to manage varicose veins. None yet.
- Get comfortable with your rapidly changing body and boost your self-esteem. Loving my new body! :)
- Take a time-out to pamper yourself! This week done, but needs to become more common of a thing!
- Time to start preparing your nursery. The nursery has begun!
- Tend to pregnancy back aches. The back aches are bad, might go to a chiropractor but trying to hold out for now...

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