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Monday, June 28, 2010

Nesting is not just for the birds!

It was a hot one in Saint Louis this weekend, After a long day of the doctor visit and a very busy work day I was not so pleased to see my keys locked in my car Friday afternoon, especially since we had plans to go to dinner with my family and grandparents and aunt that were in from out of town! Thanks to a little fib to the AAA man I managed to pull myself together and get to dinner. Saturday Luke began demolition on our closet, we have a walk in that had one rod all the way around for hanging clothes, thanks to Mr. Luke that rod was moved up and anther one was added below to give us DOUBLE the space! While Luke was busy with that I got into "nesting mode" Now if you know anything about me and my house you know that nesting mode does not only come when you are 6 months pregnant, it is actually a condition that comes by quite regularly, however this was different. It made me sick to see that we had tons more lids than containers of Tupperware, this was cleaned out, that we kept cleaning products in two different places, this was cleaned out, that I had make up and toiletries that are from who knows when, this was cleaned out. I think the motivation comes from knowing how much more stuff we are going to accumulate when the little Mr. comes along and where is it all going to go and how is it all going to fit?
Side note: I do not look as cute or happy as this lady while cleaning ;) Sunday my nephew Bennett got baptised at church so we all went along for the service, minus Luke because he has a baseball game. Here is Bennett, my sister and brother in law. After the baptism I went to the mall, I needed makeup and wanted to look for a cute outfit for some upcoming showers. Let me tell you, MOST maternity clothes are UGLY, they just are, the bottoms are ugly, some of the tops look like tents, most have those dumb ties in the back, and some are just plain HUGE, wide and long! After I failed at the maternity store I figured I would go into two cheaper stores Charlotte Ruse and Forever 21 to just look for a decent dress... about an hour and a half later I was exhausted from trying on and had no luck. I did find one dress that I liked a lot but not sure how much wear I would get out of it because I was already busting out of the upper portion. I did get two cute shirts that fit now and will fit after baby from Forever 21, so then I was back to the maternity store one more time (don't worry frappacino in hand at this point) all I wanted was a pair of shorts to go with the tops, and basically because it is too hot to wear anything BUT shorts on the weekends! The style that fit all they had left was XL, they checked two other stores then the warehouse (online) and nothing left! I met up with Luke and we hit a couple more stores in search of some bottoms no luck though, I found a couple comfortable shorts, like to wear around the house, NOT in the maternity section but in the athletic section of Kohls! I seriously think I am going to design a line of clothes because what is out there now just stinks!
Question mommies: after birth will my regular comfy yoga etc pants fit or should I get some pairs that are a little larger for after? I figured this is what I would wear most of in the hospital and when I get home.


  1. I wore my yoga/comfy pants for a long time at home after the birth. I was able to fit back into mine within the week but went home in pants a size larger that my husband went out and got while I was in the hospital. Does that make sense, LOL?

  2. Ashley, did you look at penney's for shorts? i know that it isn't the best place for clothes, but they usually have a TON of maternity clothes.

  3. Funny, we both wrote about feeling "nesty" this week. I also went shopping for some new maternity clothes, but found NOTHING! I felt like an old lady in everything I tried on. Good luck and let me know if you find a good store for prego clothes!

  4. Good luck finding maternity clothes! I'm no help there! Sounds like you're getting so much done!!!

  5. I fit into my prepregnancy clothes after Dom's birth, but only because I had diabetes and didn't gain much weight and then had a c-section where things get "pushed" back in! :)

    I would get a pair of yoga pants one size bigger, just in case and then bring your other stuff you already have. If you need the bigger size, then you already have one pair and we can go get you another pair. If you don't need it, then great!


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