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Monday, June 7, 2010

I hear bells!

This weekend kicked off our summer, somehow we manage to have it jam packed already... every weekend, weddings, showers, and lots of other fun events to look forward to! The only thing that has me bummed about this is I don't think we can make it to see my grandparents in Illinois this year like I was hoping.
Luke plays softball with his friends in a fun (aka: beer drinking) league every Wednesday, the fields they play on are the Ozzie Smith fields and are literally a 3 minute drive from our house which is nice, sometimes Boomer and I go watch and hang out with the other wives. This year he also decided to join a baseball team, their game days and locations vary. Friday was the first game I was able to make it to so far this year so I met a couple friends for dinner then headed there, it is great to watch Luke in his "element" and I hope I can make it to see him play in a few more games this summer! Some people say that they are glad Luke is getting all this playing out now (before the baby) this makes me laugh, Luke will still be playing ball and so will baby Wilson soon enough I'm sure!
Saturday morning I cleaned while Luke started a project, building some shelves for the basement to get organized! Pictures to follow!!!
It was also our subdivision block party so we said hi to some neighbors, I got a haircut and we started getting ready, we had a wedding to go to and were going to also try to make it to a 3rd birthday party. We had fun at the wedding and caught up with some friends, It is definitely hard being the only sober one out of hundreds plus, but I did it! One down 3-4 more to go this summer! Everyone was so nice, one of my favorite compliments were from our friend Joey: "You are like the tiniest pregnant person ever!" Lets hope I can keep this one going throughout the next four months!
Side note: I wore my bridesmaid dress from my friend Laurens wedding. Yay for: 1. getting one more use out of it (thanks Lauren!) 2. fitting in a non-maternity dress! :)

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  1. You look adorable in your non-maternity dress! Love the new blog design too :)


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