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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 years later

I decided to copy of Mrs.Wilson's post about her sisters anniversary!

My sisters anniversary is today, she married Greg 3 years ago. Luke and I were recently engaged and starting to plan our wedding, it was an exciting time for all four of us! If you told either of us we would be raising our one year old or pregnant with our first in three years I don't think we would of believed you or been able to imagine it! What whirlwind the past three years have been, planning a wedding, getting married, fun vacations, all the ups and downs and now getting ready for the next, "best day" of my life!
I had some company Cardinals tickets last night and not any takers, Luke and I could of went but we were both tired and didn't feel like dealing with the hustle of it, little did we know we would instead be watching a very active little man. Crystal and Greg came over to get the tickets and dropped of Bennett! We had a good time as usual playing together and "talking" and he loves the bath so we spent about 30 minutes in there too! It is definitely exhausting being pregnant and watching a toddler, and puts some strain on the belly while holding him that's for sure, but we had a good time.
Happy Anniversary Crystal and Greg, love ya!

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