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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good news or Bad?

Nurse Jill called with my results. Who would of thought I would be so disappointed when she said all my ultrasounds came back normal... I mean of course I don't want ANYTHING to be wrong with the baby or myself, however this pain is getting so bad, uncomfortable, and annoying, I just want something to fix it! She proceeded to say I can take Tylenol for the pain, but I am not a big fan of pain medicines and I already take 5 pills a day, but we'll see I'll take it if it gets bad. She called back a few minutes later and said the doctor decided to order a perinatal ultrasound of my uterus and the baby and the upper right hand quadrant to see and make 100% sure there is nothing pressing up against there. Most likely it is ligament/muscle/organ pain, but I guess I myswell get this last test done and besides I would love to get to see my little dude again anyway :)

If I am in my 6th month and it hurts this bad what will it be like at 9 months, ouch!

I do enjoy the pregnancy and I am trying not to complain about anything but rib pain, swollen feet/ankles, and some leg cramps and hip pain... now I understand why by month 9 a lot of girls are saying "get this baby out of me!"


  1. Oh how I know how frustrating that can be. I don't know if you remember, but I was hospitalized for a week during my pregnancy for back pain. I was only 11 weeks though - but the pain was terrible. I was vomiting out of control from the pain. They gave me morphine, which helped a little. I had physical therapy everyday in the hospital and then was able to do the exercises on my own after that. Those moves really helped with the pain!

  2. I totally understand because you feel like you're the crazy one when they don't find anything wrong. I had a golf wrist injury and I think my coach thought I was bonkers but there actually was a tear in the ligament. Hope you're doing okay and the other ultrasound goes okay! At least you get to see you little one again!


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