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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

25 Weeks & Appt!

25 Weeks:
Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 8.8 inches. Weight has increased to around 1.5 pounds and fat is still being deposited at a high rate. Babies come in all shapes and sizes, so your baby could vary slightly from these `average` measurements.
Your uterus has grown quite a bit bigger this week. The top of your uterus is between your bellybutton and your sternum. Your uterus is about the size of a soccer ball now!

If your baby is delivered at this time, it would have a good chance of surviving. It is best for your baby to remain inside of you for the remainder of the pregnancy, but great advances have been made in the care of a premature baby. Ventilators, monitors and medications all help premature babies develop and grow outside of the womb. If your baby were born this early, he would probably have to spend several months in the hospital and would be more susceptible to infections and other complications. Lets hope Baby Wilson stays cooking for a while but kinda cool to know he would be okay if need be!

You can hear your baby's heartbeat with both a Doppler and a stethoscope at this time, and your partner may even be able to hear the heartbeat unaided if he puts his ear in the right position.
We will have to try this out, I didn't know we could hear it with out a Doppler now!

Your baby is able to do more with their fingers now and can move his fingers to make a complete fist. As your baby becomes more dexterous, he will be able to touch and hold his feet. Babies also begin to prefer their left hand or right hand at this time. Because babies settle into routines of sleep and activity, you might begin to notice these patterns as well. Some women experience the most fetal movements while they are trying to rest.


Just tried to add baby Wilson's heartbeat on here forever, recorded it on my phone. It went from my phone then emailed to myself and saved to computer, but cant get to upload on blogger. :(

He is looking great measuring great etc. It has been 5 weeks since my last appointment and I have gained 5.5 pounds since then, a total gain of about 12 pounds, I didn't think I was to the point yet to gain a pound a week but we'll see. Blood pressure looks great, and I DO have to take the (dumb) glucose tolerance test. My next OB appointment is in 4 weeks and I will be 29 weeks, you can only get the glucose test till 28 weeks so I will have to go make a separate trip to do this.

Rib Pain: She started me on Pepcid complete twice a day to help with any indigestion but also ordered me to get an ultrasound done of my gull bladder. Gull stones are very common among pregnant woman. I always like to ask what the wost case is, worst case: they DO do surgery on pregnant woman if it is bad enough, or they would do surgery after he is born. I really don't like either of these options, even after he is born I want to be feeding him and being with him not rushed off to another procedure and then having to deal with the recovery of that as well. I am going to try and schedule the u/s next week to see what is going on, hopefully it is nothing or something that can be fixed another way.

Healthy baby boy, and healthy momma (for the most part) so all is looking great!

Doctor says she loves me because there are no worries! :)

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  1. Glad thing are going well! I had gallbladder attacks when I was pregnant. It hit me around 25 weeks and I thought I was in labor. It was the worst pain of my life (even worse than labor!) My doctor gave me pain meds and said she wanted to put off the surgery until after Hayden was born.

    I ended up having surgery when he was 4 months old. It actually wasn't too bad because they did it laprascopic. The only bad thing was I had to stop breastfeeding. :-(

    I have a friend who had surgery when she was pregnant, so if it gets that bad for you let me know and I can get you two in touch!


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