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Thursday, June 3, 2010

23 weeks and motivated!!!

The belly button is looking quite flattened as you can see, and I have developed the beginnings of Linea nigra (dark line running up your tummy)
I feel like I am growing bigger and bigger; faster and faster so I am going to try for belly pics every two weeks for a while!
Happy Mommy and baby Wilson at 23 weeks and one day

For some reason the past couple days I have been motivated. I am always motivated in the nesting sort of way to clean, get things organized, and get rid of clutter. However, lately I have been wanting to get healthier. I have never been one to really watch what I eat but skimping on some saltier and fatter choices might be a good idea, I am just not ready to give up my nightly deserts :)

Yesterday I walked when I got home from work, did some arm exercises, walked a little with Luke after dinner and we walked again in the morning! For now the back pain has subsided and the rib pain is only bad after I eat or if I am really full. The morning walk was great and I really hope we can keep it up, once we are out of bed we are fine, we just have to get up so early it is way too easy to hit that snooze button! I have no idea how Luke got me up this morning, maybe it is the extra peeing that will help get me up and moving.

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