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Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy weekend = productive Wilson's!

Saint Louis has been a city of rain, rain, and well some more rain! I was saying last night how I think it rained my entire drive to work everyday last week! With an ever changing and tired body makes for one sleepy lady!
A few weeks ago I made a long things to do list, some small, some easy to check right off, and some that I knew would take all summer long. I am happy to say the list is coming along great and this weekend we were going to get some major checks off but with a lot of the projects being outdoor, we were left with a pretty open weekend for a change! But we took full advantage, Saturday I had yoga and had a new instructor who I like a lot. It was a really good class! Then I headed to my mommas, we stopped at a re sell it maternity shop and got a couple things for me and one thing for baby Wilson, then headed to pottery barn. I had decided I wanted to register there for a few necessities ;) This is the bedding we have chosen:
And they have some other pretty darn cute things as well! I love all their stuff and almost everything can be personalized, so cute!
Luke's brother and dog are shacking up with us for a while so, while I was out Luke and Ben cleaned the house and finished up primering the walls of the babies room. Luke and I were both so exhausted we stayed in Saturday night and were both asleep by 10!
With another rainy day Sunday, Luke's baseball game canceled we decided to head up to Lowe's and look at paint colors. Only in my wildest dreams I thought we would pick one and I would get him to start the painting but after both Luke and I painting all day yesterday it is DONE! Yaaa hoo no more furniture in middle of the room, no more stacking things in closets to get them out of the way, no more primer paint cans, border scraps etc on the floor!

Now: How long to you think it will be before I can get him to put the crib together???


  1. You guys have been super productive! I LOVE the bedding! SO classic yet perfect for a little boy! Also, I love Pottery Barn Kids - the guest bedroom at my parents house is all pb kids!

  2. Love the bedding! Can't wait to see the finished nursery!

  3. Congratulations Ashley! I love that bedding! I love all the PBK stuff! :-)

  4. So exciting!!! I cannot wait to get back from CA and help hubby with the nursery and pick out colors!

  5. Post pictures of the room!! Do you have the crib already?? It won't take long to put together. That's an exciting part. It makes the room look like an actual nursery!!

    Yay Congrats to you both!


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