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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

22 weeks

22 weeks and feeling good:
Real estate within your belly is getting tight, with growing baby leaving little room for your lungs to...well...breathe. Expect the huffing and puffing to start soon. There's not much room for your belly button, either -- it'll pop out any day now. Baby's now the size of a papaya!Baby's settling into sleep cycles, snoozing about 12 to 14 hours a day. It shouldn't be hard to figure out when -- just pay attention to those kicks as they start and stop.
My belly button popping any day now... that is exciting! Mine already looks a little funny since I used to have a belly button ring! Baby Wilson is definitely already marching to the beat of his own drum and starting to run the household in his little ways. He is a routine guy, which doesn't surprise me, he likes to be very active around 9-10 am while I am at work, we have fun little play time while I get things done in the morning, then around 8 pm when daddy and I are enjoying some desert on the couch is another huge party time, both last about an hour and I look forward to them :)

The beginnings of the making of a tree for my lil mr.'s room:


  1. The tree looks so creative and will look perfect for the nursery! Sounds like you're doing great!

  2. the belly buttun...ugh. That is one thing that never goes back to normal. I swear at 6 weeks mine was already popped out! What a cute room, this little boy is going to be so spoiled! Hope I can meet him :)

  3. sorry signed on on my hubbys account :) That up there was from me-Joanna :)

  4. the tree is looking good!! My belly button never popped, so don't be surprised if it takes awhile or doesn't ever pop out. Mine definitely did look funny from the belly ring though!

    See you tonight love!


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