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Monday, April 5, 2010

To Do's

There are so many things that come along with pregnancy and newborns, and of course being the organized (ok obsessed) person that I am I have already began to think about the many many to do's of it all! So I thought I would keep an on going list and check off as it is complete!

Month 1
Time to share the good news with your partner! DONE
Find out what to expect from the first trimester. Done and DONE!
Learn what's in store for the first four weeks of pregnancy. Done and DONE
If you aren't already, begin taking folic acid each day. DONE
Start keeping track of name ideas for Baby in your online Name Basket. Ummm kinda done
Begin researching hospitals. St Johns, this is where my OB is and where my mother in law works.
Choose your OB-GYN or midwife. LOVE her!
Schedule your first prenatal visit. DONE
Get to know the basics of fetal development. AKA read the emails the websites send me
Figure out your due date. DONE! Sept 27th!
Stop smoking, drinking, and cut back on caffeine. Know what's safe and what isn't during pregnancy. DONE!
Begin a pregnancy journal. DONE!
Connect with other women who are due the same month you are. DONE thanks to the blog world
Month 2
Learn what to expect during weeks five through eight. DONE, so excited about this 2nd trimester!
Do Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles. Ummm do ppl really do this?
Start eating a healthy and nutritious prenatal diet. DONE
Fight pregnancy anxiety and first trimester fears. Can you ever fight your fears of something like this?
Find out which prenatal tests you may need. DONE, getting the blood work done at 16 weeks and well go from there! Please Pray all comes back great and nothing further is needed!
Know your optimal pregnancy weight range. DONE, at 12 weeks I had gained a pound I cant wait to see at 16 weeks since I feel HUGE now!
Manage gas, the urge to urinate, and other uncomfortable early pregnancy symptoms. DONE?!?
Take steps to minimize your morning sickness. NONE, or gone by now!
Month 3
Learn what to expect during weeks nine through 12 of pregnancy. DONE!
Is your bra suddenly uncomfortable? Shop for a new bra and learn about pregnancy breast changes. I am WAY too cheap to buy a new bra so far, although i think I will have to go do that soon!
Start a safe prenatal exercise routine. Now that is is nice out I walk but that is about it.
Speak with your doctor about getting the flu shot. DONE, got the HINI didn't get around to getting the regular one, ohh well.
Know what to expect from early screening tests. DONE
Involve your partner in your pregnancy. DONE! He is so great!
Time to share the good news with your friends! NOW is the time, they were the first to know ;)
Find out if you're having twins (and if you are, plan accordingly). Only one heartbeat!
Schedule a prenatal massage! Got one so far, looking forward to a couple more.
Manage pregnancy mood swings. I think I had worse mood swings not pregnant. There is just NOTHING to be mad about now!
Stay hydrated! Get your new water intake quota. I work on drinking as much water as I can.
Stock up on moisturizer and pamper your pregnancy skin. Done!
Month 4
Find out what's in store for you in the second trimester. Done or learning now
Learn what to expect during weeks 13 through 16. Done or learning now
Revise your budget to make room for baby. Done, however I am sure more adjustments will need to be made!
Start shopping for maternity clothes. The shopping has begun, and I have a little stash thanks to my lovely sister
Sign up now for childbirth classes—slots fill up fast! We signed up! We are taking the 6 week class on labor, nursing and newborn care.
Want to get away? Plan a babymoon! Since we just went in November, no babymoon for us.
Take baby's first picture—the ultrasound! We have two pictures of our little sweetie
Find a sleep set up that's comfortable and interpret wild pregnancy dreams. Side sleep is most comfortable for me, and there is NO interpreting my dreams they are wild!
If you're RH negative, it's time to ask your doctor about a RhoGam shot. I have not heard anything on this so I guess I am good.
Take pictures of your growing belly. More pictures to come soon!
Help him be a better dad—look into parenting classes for him. He will just go to the classes with me.

So we are not even in the fourth month yet and already I feel pretty good about everything!


  1. yeah there is so much to learn about becoming a mom, but luckily we get 9 months in which to learn it all! You'll get there. Have you signed up for I loved that site and found it very helpful, along with

  2. Looks like you have everything under control:) Can't wait to see your growing bell pic, time is flying by!


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