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Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Perks

It got me! Some sort of bug... UGH! I usually get strept throat once a year and I thought I had made it this year without, but I thought too soon.
When I called the OB nurse she said they would rather me try and treat myself naturally without any medication... Hummm, are you kidding?
Natural remedies didn't work and they ended up calling me in a prescription. I am no doctor but isn't it healthier for baby to make sure Mama gets better asap?
On top of that I have pretty bad Spring allergies and don't feel comfortable putting all of this medicine in me at once preggers... Since there is not much you can take when you are pregnant it has left me feeling pretty crappy so I thought I would do a post of some perks!


  • You get to pick out your favorite color of the jellybeans, this left us with a big bag of purple, green, and yellow, ha!
  • You ALWAYS get to pick the restaurant, no matter if it is just hubby and I or whomever they always ask what the baby wants to eat
  • Tired is not only a common symptom it is also a good excuse to use for a lot of things, cleaning, staying out and going to "the next place," the list goes on!
  • Though it may be small so far you get a new wardrobe :)
  • The pudge hanging over your jeans is not because you had too much pizza, and there is nothing you can do about the pudge for 7-8 more months, yay
  • O'douls Amber, I couldn't find much I liked to drink besides water but these are pretty good!
  • People are always exited to see you and your bump and always ask how you are feeling, which is nice
  • Whether pizza, McDonald's, or cereal you always get to choose dinner and if it sounds good to you and you'll eat it, no questions asked!
  • Ice Cream... Nuff' said

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