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Monday, April 19, 2010

Shopping with Mom

Mom and I made the mistake of filling our little piggy bellies BEFORE we went crib shopping Saturday, so when we went to try out the gliders it was all downhill! We sat and glided and chatted for so long I thought the sales people might have to ask us to get up! ha!
side note- the one my mom is stilling in here you cant really see but they are the MOST comfortable thing in the entire world, If we get this one I will just sleep in babies room with baby because this thing will be my new bed!
Mom and I finally managed to pull out butts out of the gliders and make our way to the (small) maternity clothing section at babies r us. While we were looking on separate racks we both turned around at the SAME time and said look at these cute shorts, I HAD to take a picture, look at the difference in the shorts, can you say generation gap?!?
Not sure if I should say this on here or not, but her next sentence was: "Ashley! Those are going to go up your crotch!!!"
Sorry for TMI, but I thought this was hilarious!
Same fun shopping day also had some fun in the dressing room with mom...
YES I got stuck in a nursing shirt, NO I don't want to talk about it, YES I will never be wearing one because I think I am now scarred for life!!!!.... hee hee hee!

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  1. Too funny about the shorts, I am sure when I visit my mom in CA next month we will have one or more of those moments!! Oh no, scarred by the nursing tank!! I have yet to even think about trying that one out!!


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