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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A HUGE Congratulations!

"Practice" Cutting their engagement cake

My best girlfriends! Meghan, me, Leslie "bride to be," Lauren & Michelle

Me with the Bride... and Groom!

The amazing proposal, does this picture not just capture everything... love, St. Louis, happiness, and most of all, the start to an amazing future!

They did it, two of my very best friends got engaged, Jim proposed to Leslie! I have waited to blog about this because I wanted to have time to actually do them justice, and tell their story.
Jim and Leslie are an amazing couple who are just meant to be! We all met in college, Jim and I were best buds from the get go, we met in my dorm room one night. He was in there with some friends hanging out with my roommate, I must of been tired and maybe had too much to drink when I decided I was going to give Jim a hard time, we have been BFF's ever since this meeting! In college we hung out all the time, making lunchboxes, (our special drink concoction) working together at the UClub, going shopping, and going to the "beach" near my moms. Leslie is a year younger than us and while out at a party I had the pleasure of meeting her and told her I was goon to introduce her to some of my friends. Jim and Leslie soon after started dating and started their 6 year relationship! My girlfriends and I were a little threatened by Leslie at first, scared that since Jim now had a girlfriend he would forget about us... Silly girls, this was not the case at all, instead we all grew into an amazing friendship with Leslie, that I have to say... JIM feels pretty threatened about these days. He gets so jealous that I call Leslie instead of him, but lets face it there are just somethings only a girl will understand.
After 6 years of dating, Jim was ready, he was just ready, he didn't think he would be, not till 30, or not till they get to move back to St Louis (they currently live in Arkansas but are trying to get back) but he was ready, so off we went one Saturday and picked out the amazing ring for Ms. Leslie, This was a big task for me, I don't know how to pick out an engagement ring! But luckily I think we did a pretty great job!
Jim proposed to Leslie in St Louis because it is a place that is very special to them, and it could not of went any better. He did a great job getting it all together and keeping a secret from his Mrs! After their special proposal I had gotten lots of our family and friends together to celebrate the special occasion, it was a perfect night and the beginning of a perfect life for two of my best friends and one amazing couple!
Congratulations Jim and Les, we have a super fun year ahead and we all could not be any happier for the two of you!
Leslie- I hope it was worth the wait.... ;)

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  1. What a cute story! I'm so happy for your friends!


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