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Monday, April 26, 2010

Current Cravings

Thought I would do a post to keep track of Baby Wilson's top 10 favorite foods!
1. Breakfast foods
- Pancakes
- Cereal, the unhealthier the better!
2. Dr. Pepper
3. Bacon
4. Ice cream and any ice creamery treats
5. Chocolate Milk
6. Pizza, preferably greasy unhealthy pizza
7. Toasted Ravioli
8. Toasted cheese sticks
9. Salty french fries
10. Popsicles -raspberry

The boys were off hunting this past weekend and I made myself this ultimate fruity waffle concoction for dinner Saturday night. Here is a picture of it! Special trip to the store during the scary St. Louis storms to get this fruit, can we say craving!?!

So do I have your mouth watering yet with all this talk of food?

Now, the important question....What's for dinner!

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  1. I am betting we are having the same sex ;O) BFast foods and chocolate milk & greasy pizza have been a staple & I am so not a Bfast eater or milk drinker!


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