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Monday, March 22, 2010

Some things I have learned

-Approximately 50-90% of pregnant women have morning sickness. I am one of the lucky ones who have managed to avoid it, However it is essential that I eat on time. If I get too hungry, I start feeling nauseous.

- If I love this baby more than Boomer we are all in big BIG trouble!

- Morning sickness, exhaustion, blah blah, I now know the worst is that I look like I am 13, the acne is out of control, still waiting to get my motherly GLOW

- Things that were very important before simply do not seem to matter much anymore, the most imperative thing in the world is that this baby in my belly is healthy.

- Never knew I would love a "bump" so much, and check it's progress out everyday

- Never knew Luke would love a "bump" so much, he says hello to it when he gets home from work, and he says good night to US... so cute!


  1. This is so sweet! Isn't it seriously amazing just how much at peace you feel? I totally remember conversations with Kristen and telling her the same thing, like nothing really mattered anymore b/c we were having babies and everything was lovely. It still is lovely too, so get used to the feeling. :) As for the acne, I will keep my fingers crossed for ya that you get that "glow." I never experienced the glow and my nose spread out to cover my whole face...but it was worth it! I didn't have morning sickness and I only gained 45 lbs, so I guess its a fair trade! lol

  2. I waited the whole nine months for a glow... all I ever got was a double chin and lovely back and chest acne! Wouldn't have traded one zit though, being a mommy is amazing. Great post!


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