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Thursday, March 25, 2010

ONE happy child

No this post is not about the baby in my belly, that chid has not been too happy this week... Giving mom lots of bad headaches and some nausea, wonder if I am paying for an easy first trimester?
But the other little boy (Boomer.. duh) is quite happy these days. He is not like most dogs who eat right when you put the food out in the morning or when you get home, no he likes to take his time. I think this is partly because he is seeing what better will come along, treats, bones, table scraps, or the occasional trash can lid left open at the end of the night...SCORE! No, Boomer eats his food when he gets hungry and that is that, so I have never thought too much about what to buy, I just get whatever is on sale or looks good. So we just opened a new bag and it is Kibbles and Bits and Ohhh man is he in LOVE, I mean this stuff is like crack, we pour it in and he goes to town, I have even been having to double check to make sure Luke remembered to feed him in the mornings since it i s gone so quick!
SO if you have a picky puppy try the Kibbles and Bits, I think it is the Bits (moist pieces) they love, but we found a winner!

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