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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bennett's sleepover

My favorite thing to do at Ashley's: FEED BOOMER!
Boomers favorite person to have over: BENNETT!
One for Bennett, one for Boomer, then we CLAP! We even did a round where there was one for Aunt Ashley, how sweet!
Seriously Ash, I cannot comb or wet my hair so please stop laughing at me and taking pictures, you are acting like my mom too much!

Friday night Bennett spent the night with us, it was fun because last time he spent the night I remember building barriers around him with pillows and blankets because he couldn't quite sit up on his own, now he is crawling all over and standing. We had a blast with Bennett and cant wait for him to come back soon!

Crystal wanted me to get some pictures of his "crazy hair!" So cute!

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  1. So cute! Thank you again.
    Why are the pepsi pictures not showing up? They show up on my google reader, but not on your blog...


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