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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

11 Weeks and hungry!

Today we are 11 weeks pregnant! :)

Your baby has continued to grow over the past week. Now almost 2 inches long, your little one has been engaged in some heavy acrobatics, kicking and stretching inside your womb. Remember, though she is getting bigger, it will be some weeks before you feel her moving around. Her skin, though still paper thin and transparent, is forming a protective barrier around her body. Her tiny fingers and toes have begun to separate into unique digits, and she's also begun to open and close her fists. The first signs of where her teeth will form appear this week, as tiny tooth buds begin to pop up under her gums.

We just got back from Cardinals Spring Training in Florida yesterday, and while we were there I felt the pregnancy symptom I have been missing for a while, no not morning sickness... Hunger!
Up till now my eating habits have been pretty much the same as they were before I was pregnant: A light breakfast around 9 at work, normal lunch, leftovers, a salad, or go get something, and a normal dinner. But I have been so much hungrier than usual! I got some pretty fun ice cream treats while on vacation, not to mention the amazing restaurants we went to, but I will post more about that later. But yesterday when we got home, hunger struck! And with this first spat of hunger so did a terrible mood! Poor Luke, It is miserable because STILL nothing sounds good to eat to me, I mean I eat of course but it is hard when nothing sounds good at all, not even my favorite things. Last night not even an hour after dinner I was chowing on some cereal, and today the "snacks" I brought for "lunch" were NOT going to cut it, so I headed out and got a personal pan pizza, bread sticks, and a soda from pizza hut and you would of thought I won the lottery! I was in heaven.

Not sure how much longer this extreme hunger is going to last, possibly the whole time! But right now I am just trying to listen to my body, and my hungry babe! :)

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