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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A moment to look at the simple things:

Some Blogger friends of mine have been doing posts on the simple things in life that they are grateful for. When starting to compile my list I noticed something upsetting most the things in my list are things I take for granted all too often, Sometimes we need to do a little rearranging on our priority list!

My List

- Having sheets and duvet cover clean and fur free and seeing my 55 pound mutt all curled up on them again.

- Luke having made me my favorite tea for me in the morning for my way to work

- A favorite song on the radio or a song I danced to at our wedding

- Tulips

- Our home: The smells, the pictures, the little touches we did together ourselves, everything about our home and being there makes me happy

- my friends + reply to all

- waking up on a sunny summer morning

- being pool side, drink in hand...icing on the cake

- Sunday Fundays

- Having a dog that get SO excited that you are going to take him for a little walk that he runs around the house wild just at the mere sound of the "W" word

- Luke's face and groan as I ask him to pick out my outfit for me for the evening

- American Idol - the auditions

- How a boring night can turn exciting when a rubber fire hydrant is put in your hand

- long distance text Cheers to our of town friends


  1. That's so funny you know my sister! I guess you went to Fontbonne then. She works at the store with me now in case you didn't know. You should come in sometime and say hi!

  2. What a great idea! I think we all should come up with a list. I enjoyed reading yours!


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