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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Elliptical

Last weekend Luke and I went out and bought an elliptical, with the winter weather, and the hot summers we needed something to help us stay in shape while we are indoors. I don't really like gyms, I would rather just be at home and if it is nice out I usually take Boomer for a walk.
Luke said "Okay now we both have no excuses!"
However it took us a week to go pick it up, then since Sunday it sat in our garage. Last night Luke carried it in and downstairs piece by piece and started assembling. We are hoping to have it finished by tonight... So My question is a week and a half later we still have not used it, think this will really be the motivation we were hoping it would?

**This is a pic of the model we got, I am excited bc it has ipod and laptop hookups!


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