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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last but ....

Not Least, not at all, probably one of the most important. If you know me, (or the hubby for that matter) you know that we hold our friends very close to our hearts. We both have great close knit groups of friends who have been there thru ups and downs and lots of turns in between... Last year I hosted a fun brunch for some of the girlfriends since one of them was in town from Vegas, they loved it so we decided to keep the tradition going, Winnie hosted it this year and it was fun too because Jim and Leslie are in town from Arkansas! Since this was on a Sunday and our 5th Christmas celebration I thought it would be okay to come dressed in my jammies :) Luke and I also got to see Jim and Leslie last night, they stayed at our house for a little break from their families and we got to catch up on life, love and of course Arkansas!
Meghan's son Dominick, almost one year, and WALKING!
Luke & Jimbo
Winnie brought out one of her daughters gifts, a life size Barbie... JoJo LOVED this!!!
Jimbo cooks, Leslie... not so much!

She more likes to sit and watch, and drink Baileys of course!

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