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Friday, October 16, 2009

Whirlwind of updates....

I have not posted anything in a while because things have been pretty crazy around the Wilson house! I thought after all of these weddings were over things would slow down and Fall would begin with the calmness of the season as usual, but things are as hectic as usual, which is fine, we are young and it keeps us on our toes. I feel closer to Luke than ever with a number of things we have been going through together... We have experienced some very hard things within the first year and a half of our marriage and for that I am grateful, It made me realize that we are stronger than I know and nothing can break us,nothing.
Well the Cards let us down again this year... We made it to the play offs but in our first series against the Dodgers we lost the first THREE games, we were especially disappointed because we had game four tickets! :( Bummer!
This weekend we are having some friends over for a makeshift late housewarming party.... more or less an excuse to get together, have a bonfire and hang out. We are really excited to see some good friends, I am making some yummy food, and just to relax with everyone!
Last year Luke and I decided we would get an ornament each year that meant something to us and something we have went thru together that year, Last year at Cabelas I found these super cute Smores ornaments, (if you know Luke and I you know we both LOVE smores, we have them as desert made in the microwave on a regular basis) The ornaments are so cute and they are all dressed up differently, well last year I got us the bride and groom one. Today my friend Leslie sent me an email and it had this picture in it. She knows me so well, it put a huge smile on my face, So I had to post!
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and maybe if we are all lucky it will stop raining for a couple days! I know quite a few kiddos that have been anxiously waiting to get to that pumpkin patch!

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