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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Boy Bennett!

Boomer didn't think too much of Bennett, wanted to know what that stuff was he was eating, but that's about it!
Aunt Ashley you are SO funny!

Luke and I made dinner together Saturday so we had Bennett all set up with us in the kitchen, he is not quite siting up on his own yet so we made up a super comfy area with pillows and blankets!
And LOTS of toys to chew on!

Look at what I can do Aunt Ashley!

Ahh ha ha... Mommy never lets me chew on kitchen towels and blankets... Luckily I washed this blanket right before Bennett came over and decided it was his new chew toy!

These are my best friends here on my favorite toy!

This weekend was so relaxing and nice, especially to get geared up for the next four!
Saturday night I told Crystal I would watch Bennett, they had a birthday party to go to, so he came over to "hotel Wilson" around 5 Saturday and hung out with fun Aunt Ashley and cool Uncle Luke, spent the night, and stayed Sunday till about 1:30! Bennett even slept through the night with us in the pack and play (thanks Megs!) And the best part, no poopy diapers for Aunt Ashley the whole time!

I think he had a pretty good time!


  1. Glad you had a good night with Bennett!

    So when's Dommie spending the night?? :)

  2. Dommie can spend the night whenever you want! As long as we dont have plans he is always welcome!

  3. What a cute post! I love the pictures!

  4. Aw Ashley, Bennett is so cute and so lucky to have you and Luke for an Aunt and Uncle! That is awesome that he slept through the night for you too! I bet he is good practice for when you and Luke and little ones of your own running around. :)


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