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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Luke and I try to save money when we can, especially this year! We both have our weaknesses, me and my purses, and him well anything sports or outdoor related, But we both try to bring our lunches to work to save money, we probably bring our lunch 4 out of 5 days of the week which I think is pretty good, If we ate out those four days and spent $5 on lunch it would be another $1040 A PERSON!

Anyway, when we don't have leftovers I sometimes bring a lean cuisine meal... Today I had one and it was not good: Roasted Garlic Chicken, This was surprising since I love garlic and chicken! The chicken was in the gravy looking sauce and was all mushy, the Parmesan spinach was OK, but lets just say I am still hungry!

Some lean cuisines that I LOVE are:

Ginger Garlic Stir fry with chicken

Sesame Stir fry with chicken: And Chicken in Peanut Sauce, Maybe I should stick with their Asian Stir Fry dishes so I am not still hungry like today

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