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Monday, July 6, 2009

My Poor Lil Guy!

Picture from Saturday... Getting a little Bennett lovin time! Notice the foot all the way in the mouth!

My new little nephew Bennett just turned four months old and has recently been having to go through multiple different testings and getting poked and bothered to try and see what is going on with him. He is four months old and only 11 pounds which has the doctors a little worried. To read the whole story see my sisters blog here:

And in the mean time please keep baby Bennett in your thoughts, he sure is in mine!


  1. Hey Ashley~ I'll keep your sweet little nephew in my prayers. It really stinks that he has to go through all of those tests, but hopefully they will get the answers they need. Ella only weighed 11 lbs at 5 mos and at 12 months weighed 18. She is just a little peanut and will always be that way! Hopefully this is the case with Bennett and all the test will come back to prove that he is as perfect as he looks! Take care :)

  2. Thank you for the post. I love you!

  3. what is that sound on your blog all about?

  4. I will definately be thinking about your nephew! My mom said I was always in the teeny percentile when I was a baby/kid too. In fact, at one point my sister wasn't even on the chart she was so tiny, and we were both born on-time and everything. I hope that's all it is with your nephew and his testing comes back normal. Poor lil' guy having to go through all of that. Keep us posted.

    On a side note - ditto about the sound Crystal, I hear it on my computer too.


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