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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a nightmare!!!

Luke and I had a wonderful weekend, full of friends, pools, Cards games, and a little relaxing with the family.
Sunday Luke coached a game at 2, I went to my friends daughters birthday party at 2 and then we were going to meet at my moms to barbecue. I went to the store before the party to get a gift and pick up food for our house and for my moms, so you can imagine my frustration when I pulled in our driveway with a car full of food with it raining cats and dogs and my garage door opener not working, well it probably was working but since our power was out from the gigantic storm... I had to carry everything in the rain thru the front door. After contemplating putting it all away, in the dark, warm fridge, I finally got ready and left for the party.

After a fun evening Luke and I got home about 9 pm to find the power was back on, BUT our TV and computer were not working... Hummm... after Luke did a little investigating he found that the outlets worked, (we tested them with a lamp) So either our house was really close to lightening, or the power "popped" when it went out so hard that it blew everything. My computer and modem was fried, our DVD player/burner was fried, our NEW DVR was fried!!!!! We were very upset that all of these items were broken and would most likely need to be replaced, but we went to bed and thought we would deal with it in the morning.

The next morning I learn that some of our outlets are not working with a wet head trying to blow dry my hair :) We tried a bunch of them and they were shot! Luke stayed home from work yesterday morning to get things straightened out around our house. He fixed all the outlets, got us a new DVR and modem at the charter place (not fun), And the rest we are going to have to wait for repair men on. I am really hoping they can fix my computer, I have EVERYTHING saved on there, from wedding pictures to college papers...

Ohh and both everything at the computer desk and the entertainment center were both all plugged into surge protectors... weird!

THat was the end to our weekend!

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  1. I'm sorry that had to happen!! Feel better soon!


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