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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello Reality...

Just when things are all going great I feel like God puts things in perspective a little... Sunday after I got home from a fun weekend with friends (will post pics soon) Luke started telling me a couple stories, within a couple minutes I found out about 3 people that died that weekend. Luckily it was no one Luke and I were close with but, for 3 people in his family it was a very hard weekend.

Then yesterday I got a phone call that an old friend of mine had also passed away.

I don't want to talk about any of this too much for the sake of the people involved. But I did want to post and just say that if you know of anyone taking the drug Chantex PLEASE have them stop immediately, this caused the death of a great family man.

It definitely puts things into perspective and makes me want to...
1. Just be more careful in general, I think I am invincible sometimes...

2. Always say I love you and never leave on bad terms

3. And not take things for granted the little things like great family and friends that loves me...

I promise back onto happier posts soon, but I felt I had to share a little of what was going on.

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