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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I got a snow day!!!

So it is easy to get jealous when seeing school closings, hearing about all the teachers you know being off, and your stuck scraping your car at work, putting on boots and toughing it out! But today I got a snow day, yes it probably helps my boss is my dad, but YAY!!! I am still going to go out later and see a customer but for the most part I am going to stay bundled up inside!
Here are a couple pics I took at 5:30 last night, now the snow is about up to Boomers Belly!

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  1. Being not a teacher too, I totally agree with your post 100%!!! I got a snow day today too! YAY! Boomer really looks like he's loving being outside in it. Hope you guys have a fun day :)


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