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Monday, January 5, 2009

Good bye 2008, Hello to 09!

When Luke and I think about 08, we think of one good thing and only one thing. Our wedding, we got married in April and had been together for five years, it was the happiest day of both of our lives so far. Now I know if we really had to think of some more we could, but since the past couple months things have been so down hill, it is hard to think about 08 as a good year.

A few updates on some of the many problems going on:
Update: we have not yet heard from the insurance company, but Luke has met several people there to evaluate the situation and see what we can do to fix it. We are hoping to get a "lease to own" contract signed on Wednesday, this does not guarantee they will buy it, but they will sign a contract to take over the mortgage for a year. Garnishments for the horrible lady: no update.

Since all of our time and much of our money goes to this problem we have left some of ours on the back burner. Our basement door is leaking in water and is all rotted out, I am trying to find the best, cheapest way to fix this without buying a 500 dollar door, if anyone has any suggestions on this let me know, and keep in mind Luke is not the most handy :)

Luke and I have many things to be thankful for in life... we do we do, we need to keep reminding ourselves of this because sometimes it can be hard to see... However, we are definitely ready to kick 2008 out the door, and welcome 09 with open arms!

It can only go up hill from here!

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