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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy Busy!

So I haven't posted in too long, but things have been pretty crazy at the Wilson house! This past weekend Luke started construction at the rental property, we still have not heard from insurance or seen anything from them, but the work has begun! He worked on it for about 10 hours Saturday, and most of the day Sunday too! I spent sometime with my friend Meghan since she could have her little boy any day now, we went to lunch, organized some of her baby stuff, and spent some much needed time together! I also went furniture shopping with my mom, since the new floors and painting in her house (months ago) she still has not gotten new furniture, I was so surprised we actually found stuff she liked and got it, I cant wait to see it in her beautiful home! So I got nothing done around our house this weekend but lots around other peoples!

On a whole nother note......Our trash service usually comes on Fridays, they didn't come and we have been calling and calling, since we were out of town last week, we have about 2 weeks of trash, so our trash was still sitting out and it was SO windy last night, at 2 am Luke finally got up and moved it in the garage, we both could not sleep because the wind was so loud. We are both so exhausted today and supposed to have 3 different couples over for dinner tonight, cooking for a total of 8 people... I am sure it will be fine, I am just so tired already and it is not even 9 am yet... so sometimes I wonder...why do I volunteer myself to do these things?

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