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Monday, January 26, 2009

Pictures of Dominick

The beautiful Mother after a very LONG and HARD labor! I cant get over how great she looks!
My new "nephew" and I, Yes I was crying, if you know me you know this happens quite often!

Dominick Robert Westerheide!
Here he is.... I went to go visit them again today at lunch, both are doing great and hoping to get the good word to get to go home tomorrow. Which will mean I wont see them till Saturday! Meghan was doing great when we saw her on Saturday but she was doing one thousand times better today, when it is a best friend you can just tell, tell when they are tired, happy, sad, or in pain, and it was so great to see her be herself for a short hour with me today!
All the best to your new life at home with this precious bundle I am sure it will be amazing!

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